Karsan transports europe! | Karsan


07 February 2018

Providing modern solutions to cities through developing public transportation systems, Karsan continues to transport Europe with its Jest, Atak and Star models. Recently, Karsan exported two of its 8.1-meter long Atak buses to Poland. Thus, the total number of Atak exports reached 153. 


Offering public transportation and commercial vehicles for the mobility needs of our age from its two factories located in Bursa for the last 50 years since its establishment, Karsan continues to provide European countries with Jest, Atak and Star models. The latest export by Karsan was the sale of two of its 8.1-meter long Atak buses to Poland. With this sale, the number of Ataks exported to European countries reached 64 while worldwide exports hit 153 in total. Last year, exports to the EU states amounted to 52% of the total exports made by Karsan.


Allowing a high passenger capacity of up to 60 persons thanks to its original design in aisle and seat placement, Karsan Atak offers accessible transport for every one with its “Foldable Accessibility Ramp” feature. Karsan Atak’s Fiat Power Train (FPT) engine, which offers two different emission levels with Euro V and Euro VI engine options and provides 186 HP power and 680 Nm torque values, makes environment friendliness, high performance, and perfect fuel economy a standard feature. The rear engine maximizes trip comfort as well as allowing for an increased freedom of mobility inside the vehicle.