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Quality Policy


In line with its founding vision, Karsan has set out its goal as meeting and even exceeding customer expectations while prioritizing product safety and achieving continuous quality improvement.

Karsan Quality Management System is documented and certified to comply with the ISO / TS 16949:2002 standard requirements .

Karsan steers the organization towards its clearly articulated terms of mission and aligns every member with its vision .

  • Policy deployment
  • Effective and organic communication
  • Offering technical and behavioral competency enhancement trainings

Karsan deploys Built-in-Quality to eliminate the flow of defective items and induce efficient production

  • Make it right-the-first time, standardize and confirm its conformance to the standards.

Karsan aims to achieve an enduring happiness altogether with its suppliers and customers

  • Share targets, problems and progress via communication that blends effectiveness with trust
  • Ensure a long–lasting partnership relation

Karsan, in line with its continuous improvement approach, functions with data and aims to reach excellence by increasing productivity of production and support processes to the level of international benchmark.

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ISO - 9001


IATF - 16949 - OSB


IATF - 16949 - Akçalar


Environment Policy

The environment management system that Karsan has built keeps all factors in production and services that may have an impact on the environment under control, consistently improving environmental performance and in compliance with all environmental regulations.

Karsan was awarded a BVQI certificate on January 27, 2004 and an ISO 14001 Environment Management Systems Certificate by the TSE (Turkish Standards Institute) on February 24, 2004.

The company’s household and industrial waste water treatment facilities, equipped with the latest technologies, are completely automatic and all process parameters are automatically recorded and monitored. The fully equipped environment laboratory carries out the analysis and control of waste waters according to relevant regulations and discharge standards.

The chimney gases incineration facility established in line with emission standards on air pollution and pollution sources prevents the concentration of pollutants from being released into the environment. The energy generated through the incineration is channeled into heating the surface processing baths so that besides reducing environmental impact, the efficient use of energy and natural gases is also maintained.

Karsan has also established a collection and control system for the hazardous wastes that are the result of production activities. By channeling the leakage of water from the chemicals warehousing and hazardous wastes areas into the water treatment facility, the risks created by water accumulating underground and in the soil are minimized.

Continuing to work to reduce the adverse effects on the environment of the production process itself and of the products over the course of their lifetime, Karsan keeps the issue of respect for the environment in the forefront of its activities.

Our Environment Policy
To protect and sustain the environment by complying with all environmental laws and regulations, keeping environmental impact under control, reducing adverse effects, continuously improving environmental performance, increasing environmental awareness and, by reaching “Operational Excellence” in all production operations, to leave a clean environment behind for future generations.

Karsan Otomotiv San. ve Tic. A.Ş. plans to implement this policy by doing the following:

  • Ensuring that all legal requirements as well as the requirements of the customer concerning the environment are fulfilled while aiming for continuous growth and improvement,
  • Within the technical and economic options available, using the most suitable technologies that are the least damaging to the environment, reducing the use of raw materials, and protecting natural resources,
  • Always considering environmental impact in the design of facilities and processes,
  • Developing our environment management system so that our environmental performance is continuously improved,
  • Fostering awareness among our employees, sub-contractors and community on our responsibilities toward the environment, and ensuring their participation,
  • Being in constant contact with suppliers and customers to work together to improve on the environmental impact of our products,
  • Reducing the amount of wastes resulting from production, shipping, warehousing, operations, treatment and maintenance activities and creating recycling and re-use alternatives,
  • Diminishing the risks related to emergencies specified in the Employee Occupational Health and Safety regulations, and creating an integrated environment of health, safety and environmental integrity.

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TS - EN -İSO - 14001:2004


TSE - İSO -EN - 14001:2004 Annex


Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Occupational Safety before an accident.

Accepting that Karsan’s most valuable asset is the people that work in all of its divisions, our aim is to reach excellence in providing our employees, guests and subcontractors a safe and secure working environment that is bolstered with continuous improvement . 

The activities through which Karsan plans to implement the Occupational Health and Safety (İSG) policy are the following: 

  • Assessing all hazards and taking protective measures to reduce the effects of possible risks,
  • Training our employees about İSG to increase their awareness about these issues,
  • Ensuring everyone’s participation in continuously developing and improving our management system,
  • Taking the necessary measures to be prepared for emergencies,
  • Fulfilling all conditions required by law. 

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TSE - İSG - OHSAS - TS - 18001            


IQNET-TS - 18001-2014                          




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